¬†Brisbane’s local music scene is buzzing with fresh, raw talent but also a strong list of local legends who’ve been around the traps of Brisbane live music gigs for a very long time. Supporting local music is just one of the many things that makes our community markets so unique, and we’re absolutely sure you’ll love devouring a delicious brekky while soaking up the sounds of some of Brisbane’s best and brightest musicians. From 7am – 12.30pm, let them take you away with awesome covers and great originals, from the smooth soul tracks of Raku O’Gaia, to the futuristic looping techniques of Nik Conomos and the brotherly talent with voices of an angel – the Fonoti Brothers.

For more information on our favourite regular musicians, please click on the links below.

Nik Conomos | Fonoti Brothers | Guy Stacey | Johanna & Jayden | Raku O’Gaia