written by Rebecca Goulter

It can be difficult to get out of bed on a Sunday morning. A monumental challenge. Sometimes we can’t fathom why people don’t spend the whole day lounging around in their jammies. But visiting your local community market is a top reason to jump out of bed and out of the house.
In fact, we’ll give you EIGHT top reasons to make a trip to the Eagle Farm Markets your must-do activity this weekend.

Reason Number One: The food is #breakfastinspo
Whether you’re up early for bacon and eggs from The Breakfast Shack, munching on a healthy fruit salad from Tatty’s Superfoods, or a Hangover Cure from Wild Rissole, you’re spoiled for choice at the markets! We’ve got all the bases covered if you’re after breakfast, brunch or lunch!
What’s on offer? Omelettes, poffertjes, roesti, burgers, crepes, dumplings, langos, banh mi, the list goes on! Pair your pick with a fresh squeezed OJ or a coffee from one of the three cafes on site and your breakfast is sorted.

Reason Number Two: The entertainment is always on point
Whether you’re after entertainment for the young or the young-at-heart, we’ve got you covered at the Eagle Farm Markets! Brisbane’s music scene is full of great talent, and there’s plenty of artists supporting their local community market with smooth tunes and good vibes. From the soulful tracks of Raku O’Gaia to the sounds of the pop duo, the Fonoti Brothers, there’s always something to get you moving and grooving.
For the little ones, we’ve got bouncing castles and face painting every week! There’s also the crowd pleaser pony rides every second Sunday for the horse mad among us.

Reason Number Three: The savings! Oh the savings!
Why bother going to the supermarket when there’s so much great fruit and veg on offer every Sunday, for a fraction of the price? Stroll through and pick the cream of the crop right as we open, or come by at 11am when the prices are dropping and the spruiking has begun. Either way, you’re bound to get a bargain. Not to mention your supermarket may not give you a discount if you purchase in bulk!
Hot tip: bring a trolley, a wagon, even a wheelbarrow! You’ll need it to carry out all your market goodies.

Reason Number Four: Pantry fillers you didn’t even know you needed!
Every Sunday the markets are a hub of gourmet food that you didn’t even know you needed! Whether it’s a new and exotic spice from The Spice Stall, salami and olives from Backa Australia or delicious freshly baked bread, you’ll find it at our markets. Not to mention our three fabulous meat and seafood Stallholders who carry the finest, and sometimes the weirdest, offerings (if you haven’t already, try the sea urchins at Davy Jones Seafoods).

Reason Number Five: Shop ‘til you drop
You may be at the markets for a relaxing Sunday morning, but you’ll soon be excited about the many and varied offerings from our fashion, lifestyle and craft stalls. Admire our selection of gorgeous fashions, bright and beautiful jewellery, stylish shades and handwoven manchester.
Smell all the different scents of the soy candles and diffusers, then pop on over to the Flowerlovers stall and smell the source!
There’s even pet treats available for the four-legged family member. There really is something for everyone at the Eagle Farm Markets.

Reason Number Six: The Closet Cleanout is bargain central
Every two months we host the famed Eagle Farm Markets Closet Cleanout. You can either be a stallholder and clear out those clothes waaaaay up the back of your wardrobe that haven’t been worn in ages, or come along as a customer and find your fierce new look. There are stalls chock full of barely worn brand-name clothes, shoes and accessories just waiting to find their new forever home. Waste not, want not, right?
Market trivia: Did you know Aussie pop queens The Veronicas even came along to the Closet Cleanout? #picsoritdidnthappen #4ever

The Veronicas pose with an excited Closet Cleanout Stallholder (centre).

Reason Number Seven: Support your local legends
The Eagle Farm Markets are chock full of local producers and artisans who put their love into what they sell. Victoria from Coastal Soy Beams crafts exquisite candles and diffusers for the markets every week, and Lynne from The Chocolate Cakery creates delightful confections from the comfort of her own home!
We’ve got family businesses, bakers and plant growers who come along every Sunday with goods they create with their own two hands. Going to the Eagle Farm Markets means you truly are supporting local!

Reason Number Eight: We love to see you!
The final, and arguably best, reason to visit the Eagle Farm Markets? We’re always so happy to see you. Our Stallholders started doing markets because they love creating their products and speaking directly to their customers. We learn your names and faces and enjoy catching up with you week after week.
You certainly don’t get this level of interaction at any supermarket we’ve heard of! Just remember, ladies and gents, we get out of bed for you every Sunday morning.
See you bright and early this Sunday for another gorgeous day at the markets!